Breathable Baby Mesh Crib Bumper Pads Review

safe FDA approved breathable crib bumpers for baby cribs

Mesh crib bumper pads were designed to be a better and safer alternative to regular crib bumper pads.

They are used to prevent your baby’s arms or legs from getting stuck in the crib’s slats. Out of the few companies that sell these types of crib bumper pads, BreathableBaby is the most popular and I’ll review their best selling product, the BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner.

Warning: many parents purchased this mesh crib only to find out (by reading the fine print) that it is only suitable for babies that can’t sit unsupported or pull themselves up.

If your baby is strong enough to sit without support or pull himself up, consider the BreathableBaby CribShield Full Coverage Mesh Liner which is the same product, but for older babies.

Key Features of Breathable Baby Mesh Crib Bumper Pads:

  • Prevents most babies from getting their limbs stuck in the crib’s rails.
  • The mesh of the pad is made out of a fabric that features “A.C.T Air Channel”, which is just a fancy word for breathable. Most importantly the fabric promotes airflow and your baby cannot suffocate or re-breath his own carbon dioxide if his face gets too close, or even touches the actual pad. This is the feature that makes it much safer than regular crib bumper pads and that is why so many parents switch to a mesh pad.
  • Available in 10 pretty soft pastel and patterned colors
  • The pad is made out of a hypoallergenic poly mesh fabric (also machine washable).
  • The soft fabric collapses to prevent the baby from climbing out of the crib.
  • The bumper tucks below the mattress, for extra protection

Cons Of Mesh Crib Bumper Pads

  • Some babies are able to easily pull the bumper down, sometimes getting their arms and legs stuck in between the crib’s slats.
  • It does not offer any protection against bumping heads
  • In some cribs, the bumper will just slide down by itself (regardless of how firmly you tighten it).
  • The bumper pad is advertised to work on all standard cribs, but it doesn’t. Here’s the most common reason: the crib liner comes with two pieces, one for the side of the crib that slides, and one for the other three. In some cases, there’s a gap where the two pieces come close together. On the other hand, if your crib is smaller, the two pieces will overlap. So if you encounter this problem, chances are you installed it correctly, but the bumper pad does not properly fit your crib.
  • Some parents have found setting up the bumper pad too difficult due to poor installation instructions


Our Final Thoughts On Mesh Crib Bumper Pads

Breathable/mesh liners are safer than regular crib bumper pads and they are used by many parents with great results.

However, there are some situations when mesh bumper pads are not successful in keeping your baby safe. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend you to take into consideration these 4 options, which I believe are a better alternative.

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